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Welcome to Cuffed! 

We aim to provide an unique experience by combining Club Scene and BDSM, including a lounge, dance floor, pole dances, bar, public dungeon with many different play areas, semi-private beds open to all visitors, private rooms for hired escorting services and VIP area. Expect dimmed lights, pulsating music and naughty play equipment to excite and ignite your kinkiest fantasies.

We offer both sexual and non-sexual services, and our escorts have skills, knowledge and experience. Choose what will fulfill your fantasy role-play desires.






- REQUIRED SAFEWORDS: Red, Yellow, Green.

- "No” always means no. Only “Yes” means yes.

- Treat everyone with equal respect - Doms, Subs, Switches and Staff alike.

- Everyone who is in our server or visits our in-game venue must be 18+. Privacy and discretion are to be respected. All information about patrons, and their activities, is to be considered confidential.

- Again, dungeon safe words are as following: Green - Keep going ; Yellow - Slow down and/or Take a break ; Red - Stop immediately. Personal safe words are allowed, but make sure they are not one of the universal words. DO NOT use "yellow" as 'stop' instead of 'slow down', for example.

- All payments for services and items are taken upfront.

- Before entering a scene, all hard and soft limits must be discussed in advance. This venue also offers more standard services, please speak to the staff your needs and wants!

- Explicit ERP (i.e. penetration, oral sex, full-on masturbation) must be kept in party/tell chat.

- Public flirting, humiliation and teasing are allowed as long as you make sure others know it is an ERP scene. You MUST use quotation marks and asterisks for the RP scene! Use double parentheses for OOC sentences!

- Voyeurism and Exhibitionism are allowed to an extent, but if at any point you are asked to step away please do so without argument. DO NOT touch people without consent and DO NOT insist to join in or insist for others to join your scene.

- Any Consensual Non-Consent MUST be discussed with the staff, they will confirm the play to the Dungeon Master before starting the scene. All involved will be in the Cuffed discord in a private ticket channel with a Dungeon Master  to keep things safe for all. Consensual Non-Consent should always be kept in party/tell chats, as it is a sensitive topic and may trigger other patrons.

- Our staff reserves the right to refuse service at any time without refund! Dungeon Masters and Supervisors have the right to stop an unsafe or abusive scene if reported by a patron.

- Do NOT interrupt scenes. Please do not do this either unintentionally with noise/proximity or else intentionally, because you believe something is going wrong. If the second is the case, then please discuss it with the Dungeon Master to help ensure the safety of the players. If you are asked to be quieter or to step away from a scene so that it is not disturbed then please do so without argument. This applies equally to aftercare and recovery.


- Do NOT touch anyone in any way without permission. CONSENT IS KEY!

No NSFW content of any kind with Lalafells is allowed within the venue.

- Weapons and pets are banned from our venue. Pets take up room for people and weapons can get in the way!

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